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“Primus mixed with Weird Al’ Yankovich!”

-The Asylum on Voice FM


“What is dinosaur rock you might ask? If I could easily describe the sound, it encompasses several sounds. Rock, funk, ska, punk, I would set the spectrum with the Voodoo Glow Skulls on one end and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. days Incubus on the other, somewhere in between them, only coupled with lyrics inspired by the creatures that roamed planet Earth millions of years ago. You may think I’m pullin’ your chain but I swear Dinosaur Rock exists, and it is BONEHENGE.”

-Adam Chmielewski,


“As soon as the cheese that is “T-Sex” took over my speakers, I knew I had found the right album to check out right now. A smile instantly took over my face as Casio keyboard sounds and infectious horns took over my body and soul.”


"Bonehenge corner the market in fossil rock as they blend rock, ska, gypsy punk, cabaret – and dinosaurs."

-Gary Welford, IPA Music


“Dark and quirky funk rock tunes for anyone who's ever been interested in the mating habits of theropod dinosaurs.”

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